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Roof Leak in Clearwater | Why Poor Attic Ventilation Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

Roof Leak in Clearwater | Why Poor Attic Ventilation Can Cause Your Roof to Leak

Did you know that having a properly ventilated attic can help prevent your home from developing a roof leak? Here in Clearwater, many homes have attics, and it’s a big issue that we’ve seen when they aren’t well-ventilated. Here’s how it impacts your roof, and what to look for.

Benefits of Good Attic Ventilation

When an attic is poorly ventilated, humidity can build up inside the attic very quickly, especially in the hot summer months. When this happens, it means that condensation can form on the outside of the house, damaging the edges of the roof, the gutters, metal flashing, and more. It can also cause any condensation that lands on the house to puddle rather than evaporate. Finally, it can damage the insulation under the roof, which can let a roof leak through to the house.

Signs to Look For

If you are looking in your attic for signs of proper ventilation, what should you see? The vents should not have any sort of debris blocking them. Birds’ nests are a common problem inside attic vents. Look for very stuffy rooms in the upper part of your home, high utility bills, and a musty smell in your attic as well. These can be signs of poor ventilation.

If you want to make sure that any roof leak is detected early, the best place to start is by calling us here in Clearwater. Our office can be reached at (888)889-4351, or get in touch with us online.

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