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Understanding recent changes to non-GAAP and other financial measure disclosure

Content Non-GAAP financial measures and metrics GAAP vs Non-GAAP Compliance required for 2021 annual filings Q3: Topics for your next audit committee agenda Head to Head Comparison Between GAAP vs Non-GAAP (Infographics) Reconciling GAAP and Non-GAAP Financial Report When all companies abide by a fixed formula, it becomes easier for reputable auditors to weigh the […]

Ordinary repairs and maintenance Definition

Content The allowance for doubtful accounts is a permanent account. Accumulated depreciation is the amount of depreciation that has been recorded to date. What are costs subsequent to acquisition? Similar to Accounting: Fixed & Intangible Assets An asset is not depreciation below its residual value. Business Hours A journal entry is usually needed to update […]

Explaining the Debate Surrounding President Trumps Payroll Tax Deferral

Content Is this salary info helpful? The Salary Debate in 58 Seconds (1: The benefits of outsourcing payroll Outsourced payroll cons What are total pay estimates for a Debate Teacher at different companies? Reduce cost of living adjustments Management costs of private funds If your in-house HR team is already bogged down with other responsibilities, […]

Depreciation Of Assets

Content What Kind Of Assets Can You Depreciate? The Forgotten Estimate In Gaap Factors For Calculating Depreciation Definition And Examples Of Depreciable Business Assets Get A Weekly Dose Of Helpful Tips To Better Manage Your Small Business Finances Using an hourly rate to calculate depreciate now allows the manager to assign an appropriate portion of […]

Rules Eased for Bonus Depreciation, Code Sec 179 Expensing and Regular Depreciation

Content Understanding Qualified Improvement Property Depreciation Changes CARES Act QIP change requires action IRS Announces 2017 Automobile Depreciation Deduction Limits and Inclusion Amounts Tax Implications and Action Items Qualified Improvement Property Bonus depreciation is a method of accelerated depreciation that allows businesses to deduct the cost of an eligible property in the first-year of service. […]

Part Time Bookkeeper Jobs, Employment

Content Part Time Office Assistant/Bookkeeper Part-Time Bookkeeper’s Assistant Associate, Financial Operations (Hooksett, NH) Part Time Bookkeeper jobs How to become a bookkeeper (no experience needed!) in 2022 Bookkeeper-Part-Time Accounts Receivable Accountant Many companies hire remote bookkeepers to manage various accounting or clerical tasks. If you’re interested in becoming an online bookkeeper, there are resources that […]

Foreign Currency Translation Definition

Content What Is Foreign Currency Remeasurement? Temporal Rate Method Foreign Currency Translation In Consolidated Financial Statements: Some Critical Issues Ias 21 Intragroup Balances The Effect Of Revaluation On Business How To Determine The Functional Currency Ready To Make A Change? Several Available Exchange Rates The monetary-nonmonetary translation method is used when the foreign operations are […]