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Leak Locators of Florida is the area’s leader in leak detection including outdoor leaks, and irrigation related leak issues. Many times we find that outside irrigation issues are causing damage to the inside of the home, especially with seepage and stucco leaks. An Outside Leak in your Florida neighborhood can go unchecked and unnoticed for a long time. Think about this, how often are you home and notice your automatic sprinklers engaged? Most are set for very early mornings, nights, or both. A lot of water can be lost without any knowledge of it. We can fix this.

We live in and enjoy the beauty of Florida just like you. It’s important to us that proper irrigation is up to expected standards. If your Florida property has ever had the unfortunate pleasure of having an underground leak, you can value the ability of a company, such as Leak Locators of Florida, to detect it with laser accuracy. We monitor and survey all water service lines coming onto your property and into your home or business. An Outside Leak or underground leak stands no chance of going undetected, and we don’t have to dig a single hole. It’s all about utilizing industry leading equipment, to preform minimally evasive detection. We use helium as a tracer gas, to be introduced to your plumbing system, and electronically sought out, thus detecting any deviation in your outside/underground plumbing…with pinpoint accuracy.

If you think you have irrigation related leak or any type of leak call Leak Locators of Florida. We are residential and commercial leak detection specialists.