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Shower Pan Leaks

Leaks in your shower areas can put your Florida home at risk. Tropical weather can accelerate the development of mold spores, and gone unchecked or unfixed, can pose serious health threats to all who live and breathe the air in your home.

Shower Pan Leaks are quite common, and usually involve the area around the drain. As the water seeps inside of these openings and spaces, it spreads under your subflooring, walls, and baseboards around your shower. If the shower is upstairs, it can pose even more risk, as the structural integrity of what’s holding that shower area up can be compromised. Leak Locators of Florida will test your shower’s drain pipe to determine if any leaks are present. If identified as a Shower Pan Leak, we will refer repair work to start that day.

If you think you have a plumbing related leak or any type of leak call Leak Locators of Florida. We are residential and commercial leak detection specialists.