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Roof Leak in Cape Coral | 5 More Ways to Protect Your Roof

Roof Leak in Cape Coral | 5 More Ways to Protect Your Roof

Roof Leak in Cape Coral | 5 More Ways to Protect Your Roof

There are many reasons that a roof could start to leak in Cape Coral. However, it’s pretty common that we see roofs leaking in the same areas, no matter the reason. All roofs have certain stress points that are more likely to leak than other areas. Here are five more ways from our expert roof leak repair crew in Cape Coral to protect your roof’s weakest points.

  1. Be sure to protect the hip and ridge caps with shingles, because these areas definitely get more wind damage than other parts of the roof. This can lead to water getting under those areas.
  1. Be sure to keep an eye on the condition of any skylights, and replace aging skylights with more weather-tight models. You’ll also likely save on your energy bill with better glass.
  1. Consider using a single roofing system, rather than mismatched components for different parts of your roof. One of the biggest reasons a roof fails is because the components weren’t designed to work together.
  1. Always get your roof inspected annually, and be sure to take advantage of any free inspections offered by the manufacturer. This helps you keep an eye on any potential problems before they get out of hand.
  1. Always get warranties on your roofing components and the installation. Warranties will make it easier and more affordable to keep your roof in great repair.

Now that you have many ways to protect your roof, give us a call to set up that inspection. Our office can be reached 24 hours a day at (239) 244-2345, or contact us online.

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