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South Florida Water Leak | 3 Tips to Avoid a Water Leak

South Florida Water Leak | 3 Tips to Avoid a Water Leak


Water leaks in your home can waste water and cause a range of damages in your home. These can be expensive and time consuming. Although every home will eventually experience a leak, you can still take small measures to control them. Preventing a South Florida water leak is the best way to protect your home and avoid costly and time-consuming damage. Follow these simple and easy tips to avoid a water leak in your home.

#1: Check Appliances Regularly

Checking appliances in your home that use water regularly can help you detect and avoid a costly water leak. First, always read the manufactures directions for proper instruction on how to check the appliance. Worn out or old appliances can have damaged hoses that can break and cause leaks. Check appliances such as your refrigerator, washing machine, and dish washer. Additionally, check around your shower and toilet for a crack in the caulk around the base.

#2: Always Monitor Your Bill

Be aware of how much you usually pay for water on a monthly basis. Checking your water bill every month can show you how much water you are consuming. If you see an increase in cost or usage, this is a huge sign you have a leak. Even if the amount is small, this can be easily fixed and can help you avoid a costly larger leak in the future.

#3: Know the Main

Locate your water main and become familiar with how it works. This is essential in case a water pipe bursts, and you need to quickly shut off the water supply. Additionally, shutting of the main when you leave for an extended period of time can help detect a leak as well.

What to Do if You Have a South Florida Water Leak

Although you can try to prevent water leaks, chances are you will experience a leak in your home eventually. If you have a South Florida water leak, contact the experts at Leak Locators to detect the leak, and repair the damage.