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Slab Leaks in Fort Myers | How a Slab Leak Happens

Slab Leaks in Fort Myers | How a Slab Leak Happens

Slab Leaks in Fort Myers | How a Slab Leak Happens

Fort Myers Slab Leaks:

In Fort Myers, many homes and businesses are constructed on top of a concrete slab. Under these slabs are most often where copper water lines run. These lines run from water using source(s) to the next water using source(s). These connections are literally under dirt with often a mix of rocks. Time, environment, and water conditions all typically cause “Slab Leaks” in Fort Myers. Copper is typically brittle and in due time fail. In Fort Myers, you have a chance to call us for immediate scheduling, and the most accurate leak detection your leak deserves. Look for baseboard damage like swelling, discernment, or separation from the baseboard itself and the wall. Pay attention to “hot spots” on your flooring. Even though you’re in Fort Myers, it doesn’t mean that our FLOORS should have hot spots! These are a couple possible indicators of a “slab leak”. Don’t just place your trust and potentially a lot of wasted money in a Handyman, or Plumber to pinpoint your Fort Myers Slab Leak. In most cases that we’ve encountered (post being called out AFTER a Plumber or Handyman service) is a very vague, or general area of “detection”. This “general” area entails more money in repair costs after assumed locations are accessed. Far too often we hear from our clients, “I wish I would have called you guys out first”. Call the company that Property Managers, Realtors, Restoration Companies, and Plumbers turn to when they want their Slab Leak located- call Leak Locators right away. The faster your Slab Leak is found, the less costly the repairs and damage will be.

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